Sunday, 09 August, 2020

Amazing Amazon Statistics 2020 – Seller | Product Sales | Third Party Services


Amazon,the brainchild of Jeff Bezos who is the richest man in the world as of March 2020 with a networth of $113 Billion.
Also, Amazon, which was started in 1994 as an Online Bookstore and now an E-commerce Giant.
It is currently the world’s largest online sales company, the  largest Internet company by revenue , and the world’s
largest provider of  virtual assistants  and cloud infrastructure services through its  Amazon Web Services  branch.
Everything about Amazon is baffling. Statistics would only go on to blow your mind to a proportion that you wouldn’t be able to help but appreciate the genius behind it. Lets checkout amazing Amazon statistics

  1. Amazon has a catalog of 12 million products excluding books, services and wine.
    Home & Kitchen (64.3 million), Clothing, Shoes, and Jewellery (33.4 million), and Tools and Home
    improvement (11.1 million), are Amazon’s leading revenue generators.
    If we dig deeper, Electronics are the most bought product on Amazon. Almost a 44% of sold products are
    Also, Amazon has a large market share across different categories. The categories include electronic
    (89.9%), home improvement (83.8%), food (81.8%), sports, fitness & outdoors (89.6%), household essentials
    (88.8%), and health/medicines (92%).(AS of Jan 2020)
    More importantly, 60% of the top sellers in the Amazon Marketplace focus on the Home and Kitchen
    Amazon has over 100,000 robot employees working for them.
  2. 89% of US consumers are likely to buy a product from Amazon than other online stores.
    Another staggering number is that for every dollar somebody spends on Amazon, Amazon earns a whopping
    49 cents. That is a lot of money if we put together the number of products we have and the number of
    hits that Amazon gets every second. Also given that 6 ot of 10 people when they click on Amazon, will buy
    a product .
    No wonder Jeff is a rich bloke. LOL
    Anyway, getting back to the statistics. What about, how the internet has been changed by Amazon?
  3. As of Jan 2020, Amazon ranked 10 th in Global internet Traffic engagement.
    Between July 2019 to February 2020 had over 25 Billion mobile and Desktop Hits.
    63% of Amazon traffic comes from the US.
    Amazon is also a hub of variety. Leading to being one of the primary choices all over the world to
    search for new products.
  4. For Reviews 79% of US consumers go to Amazon. On the other hand, 32% trust search engine like
    Google, 25% rely on a retailer website, 11% of consumers go to other marketplaces, whereas 7% trust
    social media channels.
  5. More importantly, before making a purchase, 82% of consumer check prices from Amazon. Others
    check prices on search engine (36%), retailer website (33%), brand websites (24%), another
    marketplace (17%), social media (5%)
  6. 26% of consumers buy the first product that is displayed on Amazon. While on an average, 45% of US
    consumers scroll through at most two search pages when searching for a product to buy on Amazon.
    Reselling, Affiliate marketing and other amazing conveniences that amazon offers, is a major
    attraction for both sellers and consumers.
    More than 140,000 Amazon sellers generate over $100,000 in sales annually.  And on an average more
    than 2800 sellers join Amazon everyday.
  7. Demographics state that Millenials spend double the amount of money that baby boomers do on
    Pricing on Amazon is the biggest motivator in terms of convincing a consumer to buy an Amazon
    product. Followed by Quality and Reviews come as the third priority to an average consumer on
    Prime subscription being the latest addition to the prospects of Amazon which has attracted a lot of
    young subscribers
  8. In 2019, Amazon accumulated 17.4 million in revenue by subscription services alone.
  9. CIRP intimates that, on average, an Amazon Prime subscriber spends $1300 yearly, compared to $700
    spent by non-member customers.
    The 2019’s Prime Day surpassed Cyber Monday and Black Friday combined. Consumers worldwide
    bought 175 million+ items.
  10. Also, according to Amazon Prime members statistics, the following are the favorite Prime subscription
    benefits. Free two-day shipping (83%), video and music streaming (10%), PrimeExclusive deals at
    Whole Foods (5%), free audiobooks & magazines (1%), and other (1%)
    Another addition to its irresistible series of products and services is Alexa and the Echo devices.
  11. 50 million Echo devices had been sold. Interestingly, only 2% or approximately 1 million of Echo
    device owners have purchased with a smart speaker.
  12. Amazon is also known for its impeccable public cloud services, Amazon web services. Reddit, Netflix
    are among the big wigs which run on AWS.
  13. AWS is an extremely profitable venture that is starting to imprint its dominance in the public cloud
    services market. To illustrate, with over 8,000 partner network members, 1,900+ AWS third-party software products, and 70+ infrastructure services, the AWS is a force to reckon with. Having
    generated $26 billion in revenue in 2018 alone, AWS is proving to be yet another dominant force unleashed by Amazon.
    In conclusion to all of the above points, we see that Amazon has successfully nurtured itself and people who
    are associated to it to have a symbiotic relationship of growth. Hence it excites the consumers, sellers and
    every possible entity related to it . Amazon shows a promising market model with its unique innovation such
    as Prime, Prime Day and Affiliate services to keep up with the global demand and hence proving its worth as a
    global E-commerce Giant.