Tuesday, 04 August, 2020

Instagram Statistics 2020

Instagram Statistics
Numbers say it all and it’s the best way to show the tenacity of how good anything is doing.
Instagram has over 1 billion people use it as a some form of entertainment, idle time spender or whatever it is you can call.
Over 62 % of the users login to Instagram at least once a day.
Another estimate is that over 58% users are female and 52% are male which is almost he reverse for any other social media.
Instagram is a big platform for both advertising and Leisure. From video’s to Boomerang to Slo mo videos, you can find it all on Instagram.
Instagram’s Potential for advertising is 849.3 M users and it is estimated that over 76% of US business’s will use Instagram as an advertising media.
Another statistic that will catch you eye and tell you Instagram’s reach is that it’s the 2nd largest free app which is downloaded on the App store.
Over 500 million people use Instagram to share their stories every day. And in the recent few months, with countries like Canada and New Zealand to be one of the countries to hide the counts of likes and views, Instagram still continues to reign as one of the most used Social media apps.
There are 70 million Brazillians, while 69 million Indian users. Indonesia contributes 59 millions users and Russians are a whole of 40 million. Humungous numbers!
In 2020, an estimate of 120 million users will be hailing from the US.
Over 200 million users visit at leat one business profile everyday. It makes Instagram an Advertising Haven and we are all the angels
Over 60% of people once they come across an advertisement express that they have gained more interest in a product through Instagram stories.
Over 57% of the total population of Iceland uses Instagram on an average of 38 minutes a day.
Various countries with the highest reach % :
Turkey: 56%
Sweden: 55%
Kuwait: 55%
These are the countries with highest reach in terms of paid Instagram posts as well organic posts.
67% of the total users on Instagram belong to the age group of 18-34.
Worldwide, teens prefer Instagram as the most traditional social media app over Snapchat and Facebook.
140 million users shop for products through Instagram.
About 15% of US social media users use Instagram to Shop.
The explore tab feature on Instagram is to discover new content and new accounts.
Over 50% of the Instagram accounts use Explore for over 80% of their time spent on Instagram.
Another statistic that shows us how the world is changing is that over 18% of the Instagram users use Instagram to learn about the News and ongoing world activities and events that are happening across.
Over a million users go Live everyday since the onset of COVID
Live feature is a big plus for artists to enable their skills while also targeting a certain audience.
Influencers which are the major source of audience attractors to Instagram, get paid any where between 100$ to 3000$ on an average for each post.
Influencers are divided into various subcategories depending on the number of followers they have. Nano(500-5k followers),Micro (5k – 30k), Power (30k – 500k)and celebrity (500k and above)
US marketers spend over 65% of their marketing budgets on Influencers.
An estimate of $12 B in ad Revenue in 2020.
Interactive elements on Instagram posts like polls, tags etc are a big way to engage the audience and are boosters for all the Businesses.
Brand stories have 85% completion rate in 2020, compared to 69% completion rate in 2019.
Instagram represents 10.7% of the total Social referral share on Ecommerce sites.
The how-to tutorials on Instagram are the biggest hit in the video content.